RCAS updates Ready Set Start plan

Rcas Masks 5RAPID CITY, S.D. — Monday evening, the Rapid City Area School Board of Education voted to reject the District administration’s proposed Ready. Set. Start. Covid-19 plan.

Instead, the Board approved a revised version of the plan, which can be downloaded from here. Additions made by the Board are in red while items that the Board asked to be removed from the original plan have a line through them.

Updates include:

  • Masks are voluntary
  • Coercion to wear or remove a mask will not be tolerated
  • Vaccination is a personal choice, bullying and coercion will not be tolerated, per District policies JCG and GBGB
  • Drinking fountains will be in service; however water bottles are recommended
  • Parental consent is required for testing of students

The Ready. Set. Start. Back to School Plan is subject to change based on updated SD Department of Health and CDC guidelines and COVID-19 trends in the District and community. Any recommendation for a return to strict safety protocols deemed necessary will be brought to the Board for action and communicated to staff and families.

Comments or concerns about the plan can be directed to the Board of Education. You can find their contact information here: https://rcas.org/our-district/board-of-education/meet-the-board/

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