RCAS substitute teachers get a pay raise

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Substitute teachers in the Rapid City Area Schools are getting a pay raise.

With increased teacher and staff absences during the pandemic, coupled with staffing shortages, the school board approved a pay hike for substitutes and support staff on Tuesday night.

The hourly rate was increased by a $1.25 to $12.50 per hour. Those holding a bachelor’s degree or higher will go from about $90 a day to $117.

The hope is that the pay increase will attract new substitute teachers while retaining those still with the district.

“What I would not want to see get lost in this is how incredible our people are and what they are doing to off-set a problem, and that we as a community are so lucky to have them,” said Kirsten Strissel, RCAS Director of Human Resources.

Strissel says there are currently 163 substitutes in the district, adding they’d like to get that number closer to 350.

The pay increase goes into effect October 1 and lasts through May 30, unless the board takes additional action.

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