RCAS Strategic Plan Pt. 4

Part 4 of the Rapid City Area School District’s 5-part Strategic Plan is focused on the people who make education possible – the teachers and leaders.

Every staff member in the district will be trained on best practices to implement the 5-year plan. That includes teachers, district leaders, principals, and bus drivers. RCAS Superintendent Dr. Lori Simon says it’s important for educational leaders to understand and support the process as students work toward new goals.

"If we are are going to expect different outcomes for our students, well, that starts in the classroom and the leadership of our schools and our district," Simon said. "So we have to make sure we’re putting training and education and tools in the hands of our teachers, and our leaders, and our staff at all levels to do their best work."

Stevens High School teacher Jason Reub helps students build a robot on Sept. 12, 2017
Stevens High School teacher Jason Reub helps students build a robot on Sept. 12, 2017

The district has set aside specific days in the school year for staff to learn new standards for education, cultural awareness, and the capability to work with diverse learners.

Professional development is key to high-quality instruction in the classroom, according to the RCAS assistant superintendent, Dr. Matthew Seebaum.

"We know that where the magic happens in school is in the classroom," Seebaum said. "I mean, teachers are the most important factor into whether a student succeeds or fails in a school. there are a lot of other factors in the environment that we can’t control as educators. But in the classroom, when teachers can focus on great instruction connecting with the kids and building relationships that matter, we know students do better."

Staff had a taste of training during the first ever district opener, held before the first day of school. DETAILS

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