RCAS respond to bullying

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Defined as repeated physical, verbal or cyber conduct that disrupts a student’s learning, bullying may be on the minds of many students and parents as children begin returning to school.

Rapid City Area Schools administrators are bound to report bullying so it can be properly investigated, both to protect the child being bullied and to find out if the bully is sending their own cry for help.

“There’s a determination made of whether it’s bullying or it might be something like teasing. If it’s bullying then it’s quite severe, parents are involved, investigations happen,” said assistant superintendent Dr. Matthew Seebaum.

Seebaum says they want younger kids to learn from incidents so it doesn’t happen as they get older. Fortunately, based on the number of bullying incidents reported just last school year — the numbers do decline as kids get older.

He says teachers, administrators and a school liaison or resource officer can be confidants for kids being bullied or seeing it happen to other kids.

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