RCAS purchases land for future development

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Rapid City Area Schools Board approved unanimously just over $1 million earlier this week to purchase land near Sheridan Lake and Dunsmore Roads, the home of a future elementary school.

According to the district’s facility services manager Kumar Veluswamy, the southwest side of town has continued growth. Corral Drive and Meadowbrook have reached capacity limits and the district has been forced to transfer students out of the area.

The addition of another elementary school is still years away but the district is planning ahead.

“Canyon Lake Elementary School is in dire need of replacement so we will need to close that school and reboundary kids between those areas,” said Veluswamy. “We have Meadowbrook within a block and a half distance so we’ll need to reboundary between Meadowbrook, Corral Drive, Canyon lake, and this new school.”

Any construction or redistricting would still be years away. Veluswamy says the top priority is replacing both South Middle and Robbinsdale Elementary schools.

“We need to be looking forward and we need to buy land and this isn’t the only land we’ll need to purchase in the near future so that we can put the district in a good position so the decisions can be made and future additions, renovations, new buildings can be built with those dollars.”

The district is looking for more land potentially on the east side of town to develop in the future. That would be in addition to the property owned on the north and south east side of Rapid City. The newly purchased land may also support a middle school in the future.

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