RCAS is in the process of getting their staff vaccinated

RAPID CITY, S.D. — COVID-19 vaccinations are in full swing across South Dakota as we work our way through phase 1-D which includes teachers and school staff. Monument Health, Oyate Health Center, and now Walmart are all working to get teachers vaccinated in order to help keep schools safe and fully staffed.

Rapid City Area Schools have experienced some struggles when it comes to staffing classrooms during the COVID-19 pandemic with teachers having to quarantine outside of school. But now teachers in the district are given a number of different options to receive their vaccine.

Katy Urban, Community Relations Manager for Rapid City Area Schools said “initially that was through Monument Health and we had asked our staff to register. And then Oyate Health actually came forward and said they had some vaccination. They were able to vaccinate our staff because we worked directly with their beneficiaries and then we just learned this morning that Walmart has a vaccination and they can vaccinate our staff.”

Urban said that roughly 200 teachers were vaccinated through Monument Health in January and that another 250 have registered through Oyate Health. Urban also said it would be safe to say that at least 500 staff members have been vaccinated.

“We did a survey and we asked our staff you know, how many of them were going to get vaccination and we had over 80% say that they would be getting it. So we have about close to 2,000 employees, so that’s a big deal.” Said Katy Urban.

Oyate Health Center understands how important it is to keep teachers and students in the community safe. Which is why they are working with RCAS to get all of the staff vaccinated.

Brandon Ecoffey, Communication Director for Great Plains Tribal Leader Health Board said “the school staff and the teachers and you know the custodial, bus drivers, all of them play a very important roll in our children’s lives. They also pose a risk for our children if they are not vaccinated.”

Walmart of North Lacrosse Street is also providing over 1,000 Pfizer vaccines a week for the next 6 weeks to anyone who is currently eligible to receive the vaccine. The first 3 weeks are for administering the first dose and the last 3 weeks for the second dose.

You can schedule an appointment at Walmart on their website by following the link here.

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