RCAS educators voice concerns for return to school survey

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Rapid City Area School Board met via zoom Monday night, taking up discussions on a plan to return for the fall.

Varying opinions on whether schools should reopen in the fall were voiced, along with a myriad of reasons why a hybrid platform of learning should be considered. Among the concerns was a survey that is to be completed by faculty on Friday, July 17.

The survey asks staff members if they have any reservations about returning to work should classes be held in person.

Justin Speck, a Theater Educator, says he is worried about the repercussions of saying no after another district employee said leave may roll into resignation.

“We may qualify for FMLA, we could potentially get up to 12 weeks,” Speck said. “If that runs out, then we are responsible for taking our own sick day and if we run out of that, the next step is resignation.”

Board members quickly dispelled that teachers would be asked to resign, and stressed accommodations will be made for teachers who are apprehensive about returning to the classroom.

As for plans on returning to the classroom?

Those have yet to be made, but a final proposal for what the next semester will look like will be completed by the end of July or the first week of August.

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