RCAS contributing to statewide early education discussion

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Experts in education will be gathering to discuss early childhood education in the state, and Rapid City Area Schools will be a part of the discussion.

Mayor Steve Allender has been advocating the Early Childhood Task Force to increase the discussion in Rapid City, arguing that a lack of early childhood learning contributes to a cycle of poverty within the community.

Dr. Lori Simon, RCAS Superintendent, received a scholarship to participate in the early childhood education cohort to study sustainable and effective teaching methods.

“And I can tell you from firsthand experience that high quality early learning programs can be a game changer in closing achievement gaps that exist before kids even come to school. And so it is about those important things like vocabulary development that are so important and critical to the foundation of reading.”

Simon says the education cohort will meet three times in the coming year, adding that five other superintendents from across the state received grants to participate in the discussions.

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