RCAS bond decision to be put up for vote

RAPID CITY, S.D. – A community led organization is trying to help educate the public ahead of a big vote for Rapid City Area Schools next month.

The school board is putting a $190 million school bond up to the decision of the voters on Tuesday, Feb. 25th.

Val Simpson, the co-chair of “Vote YES RCS” says that as a member of the task force, it’s clear to her that the community needs to pass this bond. “Public education is simply fundamental to a healthy and growing community. So this is more about more than just a vote for our schools and for our kids. but it’s a vote for our future and for our community.”

Rapid City School Board President, Mike Roesler, says it’s important for people to be educated when it comes to voting for this bond. “This bond is a very important bond for each family in Rapid City to make the decision on whether they support it or not. And so really what the school board wants more than anything is educated voters. We have a way for them to find out information. We have presentation, we have bus tours, we have all these things in the community, but we also have a really robust website where we can get information. It’s called RCASfuture.org. And you can go there and get any information you they need. It’s one of the ways that we think if people are informed enough, they can make a decision,” said Roesler.

Early voting begins on Monday, Jan. 27th and the last day of voting is Tuesday, Feb. 25th.



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