RC Parks and Recreation begins mosquito control actions

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Here are three words you’ll hear a lot over the next few months.

Repellent with DEET.

We hear it every year at the start of summer, AKA, mosquito season.

To keep mosquitoes in check, the Rapid City Parks Division and The Storm Water Drainage Division have started mosquito control actions.

Focusing their efforts on parks and city greenways, crews have been placing Larvicide Briquettes where’s there’s standing water.

The briquettes last four months and limit the amount of larva that make it to adulthood. Although the city is on tighter budget these days due to pandemic losses, Rapid City Parks and Recreation Director Jeff Biegler says that shouldn’t effect mosquito control.

“Well, we do still have money in our budget for mosquito control and we left that in there on purpose because we just do not know if it’s going to be a bad year or not,” Biegler said. “We are going to be hampered somewhat by some of our budget cuts involved cutting back on some personnel, so we are a little short staffed. But it shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to mosquito control.”

Crews will also utilize fogging on a complaint basis as well as in areas where larger events may take place later in the summer.

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