RC Legal & Finance Committee adopts Affordable Housing Policy

RAPID CITY, SD — Affordable housing took another step forward Wednesday after Rapid City’s Legal & Finance Committee adopted the Affordable Housing Policy.

The three page policy lays out the city’s definition of affordable housing, the plan moving forward, and different strategies to meeting the community’s needs.

The city recently received over 1,000 responses in the affordable housing survey.

The results showed that 93% of people agreed that these homes were needed in Rapid City.

The next step is legally clearing the way for accessory dwelling units and tiny homes to be built.

“There’s a lot of zoning amendments we can look at,” said Ken Young, Rapid City planning director, “So in other words, decreasing the setbacks, other requirements of lots. We’re looking at a smaller lot opportunity to see if we can provide opportunity for developers to bring in tiny homes, small homes.”

Ordinances addressing smaller house options will be coming up in City Council next month.

Along with tweaking zoning, the city will also be putting together an affordable housing strategic plan in the next six months to further address the topic.

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