Rare Finds Decor features abstract artist Paula Meeker

Rare Finds Decor in Rapid City is hosting a month long painting series. Brenda Howard, owner of Rare Finds, will be inviting artists to her store to both show off their work and do live painting. This week’s special guest was abstract artist Paula Meeker of Paula Rae Fine Art, who’s chosen medium is fluid painting. She specializes in pour painting, and considers it a therapeutic art form.

“A lot of people say pour painting isn’t necessarily fine art, but we do consider the weights of paint, we consider color composition, color theory, I consider it to be art, and if you consider it to be art, then that’s what it is.”

Paula creates intricate works of art, but enjoys the freedom of not having complete control. While the color and design can be influenced by the paint and technique chosen, she knows that the ultimate result may be out of her hands. Oftentimes, works may turn out even better than envisioned. She also encourages artists and potential artists to do what they love.

“Well I would say, if you have a dream to do art, do it. It’s paint people, it’s just paint, you can paint over it, you can scrape it off, you can throw it away. If you have a dream to be an artist or just do it as a hobby, it’s very relaxing, it’s enjoyable, it’s creative. We need to be creative and we need to have joy in our life, and if you want to paint, then go out and paint. And if you love it, that’s all that matters.”

Paula teaches fluid painting classes and hosts paint parties for all skill levels. Currently, she has her work displayed at Rare Finds and Shaviq Studio and Gallery.

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