Rapid Valley boy rescued after locking himself in car

RAPID VALLEY, S.D. — A real-life example of the dangers of kids in hot cars close to home on Wednesday.

Law enforcement and paramedics were called to a home in Rapid Valley after a passerby noticed a boy approximately three or four years old locked inside a parked car. The caller estimated that the boy had been in the car for at least 20 minutes by the time Sheriff’s deputies arrived and was very red in the face.

Deputies broke a window to free the boy.

20210602 104328We want to be clear that this was not a case of neglect — it was determined that the boy had been outside playing, got into the unlocked car, and locked himself in.

Lieutenant Chris Hislip of the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office says the incident highlights another reason to keep cars locked, even at home.

“We want to lock our vehicles for a multitude of reasons, so that the children can’t lock themselves in, the vehicle is less likely to be stolen or rummaged through,” Lt. Hislip said.

The boy is fine; he was released to his family after being checked-out by paramedics.

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