Transit a safe, convenient option for the winter — and youth ride for free

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid Transit System officials remind youth and their parents the ‘Youth Ride Free’ program is a convenient option for transporting youth to school, especially during cold, blustery days in the winter season.

In the month of November, 10,2016 youth passenger trips were recorded. This number is down from youth numbers in 2017 (11,644) and 2018 (14,199). Rapid Transit System officials indicate RapidRide services can be a convenient, safe option for youth transportation in the winter months.

RapidRide also is a great option for transporting youth to school and community events and appointments.

“We have many youth who ride on a daily basis and those who ride occasionally,” said Megan Gould, Rapid Transit System manager. “During the cold, snowy winter months, when the student car doesn’t start or when the weather and road conditions are challenging, we provide a convenient and safe option for youth to get to school, get to their after-school activity, to an appointment or to a friend’s house.”

In order to utilize the RapidRide system, Rapid City youth need to obtain a bus pass — free of charge.

RapidRide also provides and publishes maps, material and regular ride schedules, which makes it easier to learn the system and routes.

 Parents and youth can pick up a form for a bus pass from the Rapid Transit System office at 333 Sixth Street. Registration can also be done online HERE.

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