Rapid Transit wants public input on future plan for city growth

RAPID CITY, S.D. — As Rapid City grows, so too must its transit system – and the city wants your input before they get started.

June 2 through June 18, the public can provide feedback on what they would like to see in the upcoming transit plan. The Rapid City Metropolitan Planning Organization is working with Rapid Transit Systems to develop the plan that will provide a vision for transit in the region on the next five to ten years.

Rapid Transit 8The goal is to develop a plan with emphasis on future needs as Rapid City continues to grow.

But now is the time to hear from the public, and RTS wants to everyone’s input – from their customers to the businesses that would benefit from their routes.

“We have actually received information in the past where we have requested to change a certain route or add a new location to a route. And that information was taken in, reviewed, determined whether or not that is a high need area or what benefits would come of that,” said Megan Gould, RTS Division Manager. “And yes, we have made changes in the past due to those requests.”

CLICK HERE if you’d like to put in your two cents on the new plan.

Paper forms can also be obtained at City Hall or the Rapid City Public Library.

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