Rapid city’s Youth Ride Free program gears up for its fourth year.

RAPID CITY, SD — Rapid city’s Youth Ride Free program is getting ready it’s fourth year.

The program takes kids to school and after school activities, places around town and to their jobs.

Rapid Ride says the Youth Ride Free program takes the burden off parents, who sometimes have to choose between taking their child to work and getting to their own job on time.

Kids can register for their bus passes through the mail, online or in person at the bus depot downtown.

And no, you can not use last year’s pass.

Rapid Ride says the passes are for the kids’ safety.

“If someone fell and got hurt on the bus, we’d have no way to contact the parents of guardians,” says Megan Gould, Rapid Transit System manager, “We’ve taken this extra step to do the registration process to have someone to contact if something takes place.”

Though RCAS doesn’t have any solid data yet, the district says that it’s helped boost attendance.

Last year 120,000 rides were tallied, a 2% drop from the previous year.

Now, Rapid Ride is holding an open house for parents to ask questions and to see how the program works for their children.

“They can contact us, they can hop on a bus we can help them figure out their plans,” continued Gould, “We can do some training with the kiddos to make sure they understand what they need to do.”

The orientation runs from the 19th to the the 27th.

School starts the 28th.

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