Rapid City’s Sioux Park receives Vision Fund grant for new tennis courts

RAPID CITY, S.D.– Thanks to a grant for $3 million from the Rapid City Vision Fund, the 12 Sioux Park tennis courts will get some much-needed love.

More Tennis Courts At Sioux Park In Rapid CityThe courts currently at the park were built with asphalt, which requires continuous upkeep and maintenance to care for cracks. Parks and Recreation Director Jeff Biegler explained that the new courts will be made with post-tensioned concrete, which will consist of a single large slab of concrete to prevent cracks. Drainage and lighting upgrades will be made to the area as well.

“This new project, the renovation project will not only replace the court services themselves, but will also replace the fencing around the courts, the lighting that’s there,” Biegler explained. “We can shift from the lighting that we have now to an LED, more efficient lighting system, as well as some other amenities to improve the facility.”

He hopes to have construction underway by the Spring or Summer of 2023, but is waiting to see how the planning goes.

“These courts get lots and lots of use, both by a couple of the high schools as well as recreational tennis and just general tennis play from the community,” he stated. “So, they’re worn out. They’ve been in use for a number of years, and it’s to the point where they need to be replaced. It’s just time for them.”

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