Rapid City working on new redistricting plans

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Redistricting following the census went before the Rapid City Legal and Finance Committee on Wednesday. Every 10 years, the committee draws up new ward and precinct lines for municipal elections.

Legal and Finances CommitteeThe new census puts the city’s population at just under 74,000. This means each ward should have a population around 14,800 people with no more than a 10 percent variance in populations.

Some of the major shifts in lines are been in Ward 1 and Ward 2 along East Highway 44.

“We saw where Ward 1 had a lot of population increase, and so we needed to shift some of that population up to Ward 2,” Rapid City Finance Director Pauline Sumption explained. “The reason for that is there’s been a lot of apartments being built in Ward 1 in the south and the southeast part of town. And that’s where that ward encompassed the majority of it.”

And as the new lines are drawn, city leaders want the public to be aware of the changes.

“We do hope the public will take a look at it. This impacts them. A lot of them based on where the lines have been changed,” Sumption said. “And so we hope that they do look at it. They do provide input.”

Committee members are still working on finalizing the re-districting map.

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