Rapid City Woodworkers showcase creations at 14th annual show

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The annual Rapid City Woodworking Show took place on Saturday at Knecht Home Center.

Rc Woodworking 3For the last 14 years, the Rapid City Woodworkers Association has been putting the show on at the home center to showcase the talent of its members, as well as fun games and activities for kids.

The event also shines a light on the organization’s toy program, where the woodworkers make toy cars to donate to 22 different organizations around Rapid City.

Members of the organization say they’re happy to be back and that they’ve noticed wood isn’t the only talking piece.

“People were spending twice as much time talking as they did before. People just miss each other I guess,” said Rapid City Woodworkers President Robert Buchanan. “People love to get together and talk about about their wood, and now as they get to know each other, they start talking about their families and things like that.”

If you’d like to join the Rapid City Woodworkers Association, all you have to do is show up to a meeting on the second Monday of the month at 910 Wood Ave.

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