Rapid City Woodworkers Association show held at Knecht Home Center over the weekend

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Knecht’s had a special display over the weekend.

Intricate woodworks made by the Rapid City Woodworkers Association spanned much of the store.

The show is an opportunity for club members to display their handiwork, and encourage people to get involved, no matter what skill level.

From a carnival wheel, to urns, ornaments, and several live demos, visitors could get a look at works of art great and small made by members of the association.

“Members bring their own work in here, and there’s hundreds of different types of items. Some are into wood turning, some are into scroll sawing and other types of woodworking techniques. So, there’s a wide variety to see,” said Club Member Frank DiCesare.

Woodworkers Show

“You can start woodworking at any level, if you have an interest in woodworking. And as far as coming and helping make toys, we’ve got people who don’t even like to turn on a power saw. But they come out an help us and they do a lot of hand sanding, or they put wheels on. That kinda thing,” said Robert Buchanan, Club President.

The works are a sight to see, but pieces made have touched people in many different ways.

From the Associations donation of thousands of handmade toys to various organizations in the Rapid City area, to more personal experiences.

“The last four or five years, both of my parents passed away. To have them being buried in an urn from wood that was cut out of the Black Hills, and specifically made by their nephew, was just awesome. No better feeling,” said Brent Albrecht.

The Association welcomes new members, and meets twice a month at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church.

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