REMINDER: Last week of drop-off sites for Christmas trees and lights

The Christmas Light Recycling containers will be available at the following locations until Monday, January 31:

  • Ace Hardware: 1602 E. St. Patrick Street and 1724 W. Main Street
  • Boyd’s Drug Stores: Baken Park (entrance to Boyd’s Liquor) and at 909 E. St. Patrick Street
  • City Hall: 300 Sixth Street
  • Fleet Farm: 1001 E. Mall Drive
  • Hippie Haven: 806 St. Joseph Street
  • Rapid City Public Library: 610 Quincy Street
  • MRF Office Building/Landfill: 5165 S. Highway 79
  • RC Hardware: 770 Mountain View Road
  • Runnings: 1020 N. Lacrosse Street
  • Western Dakota Tech: 800 Mickelson Drive

Rapid City’s Solid Waste Division is opening up its yard waste drop-off sites to dispose of real Christmas trees and wreathes.

Christmas Tree And Lights DisposalThose evergreens are then turned into compost that the city sells for gardening and landscaping. The workers at solid waste ask that you properly prepare your tree for disposal before dropping it off.

“We do ask that you take the bags off, the lights, ornaments, tree stands any of that because we do compost everything,” Ria Harper from Rapid City Solid Waste said. “And that stuff doesn’t decompose so we do ask that you leave it off.”

Tree drop-off sites opened Christmas Eve at the yard waste sites located on Sheridan Lake Road and North West Boulevard. You can also dispose of those wreaths and trees at the city landfill at anytime.

Rapid City will also help you get rid of any Christmas lights that no longer work.

It may just be a loose bulb, perhaps one that needs to be replaced or the string is beyond repair. You should not dispose of them in your trash can or your recycling bin. Instead, several recycling bins specifically for Christmas lights have been place throughout the city.

If lights end up in traditional bins, they have the potential to cause quite a mess.

“We really don’t want Christmas lights in the trash or the recycling,” Harper said. “They really get caught up in our equipment and then we have to go in and untangle them.”

You can find a light recycling bin at locations such as city hall, the public library, the landfill office building and several businesses.

The bins will be out until January 31.

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