Rapid City to offer Christmas light recycling program

RAPID CITY, S.D. — It is that time of year again – time to dig around your garage or crawl space in search of the Christmas lights from last year, only to set them up and find out they don’t work.

Now, instead of throwing those annoying lights away, you can donate them to the city to be repurposed.

Rapid City is again offering a Christmas lights recycling program to the public. The city’s Solid Waste Division is encouraging the public to recycle non-working lights by dropping them off in one of several collection boxes around town. They strongly encourage the public not to put the lights in their blue recycling bins because that can turn the lights into what they call ‘tanglers”.

“They are recyclable, but not in that manner. These are special products because of how long they are. We call them ‘tanglers,’ and they get into our recycling facility through that curbside collection. It does cause huge backups and shut downs if they get tangled into the machinery, so please use those drop off locations rather than your blue curbside bin,” said Janice Knight, Outreach Coordinator for the Solid Waste Division.

The drop off locations will be available from November 30th until January 31st at these locations:

  • Ace Hardware: 1602 E. St. Patrick Street, 320 W. Boulevard, 1724 W. Main Street
  • Western Dakota Tech: 800 Mickelson Drive
  • Boyd’s Drug Store: Baken Park (entrance to Boyd’s Liquor)
  • City Hall: 300 Sixth Street
  • Rapid City Public Library: 610 Quincy Street
  • MRF Office Building/Landfill: 5165 S. Highway 79
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