Rapid City tech company to expand, employ over 100 people

RAPID CITY, S.D. — A local software company, Property Meld, is eyeing expansion both in building size and employee capacity.

As the company sits on Main Street, they plan to move closer to the downtown Rapid City area. The company strives to make property maintenance more efficient for all involved in the process, like the residents and the property owners themselves.

Having expanded from a one person business to over 40, Property Meld is starting to outgrow their Main Street cubes.

“Our goal is to have over 100 employees there and so we need a new building to facilitate all the new people working,” said CEO Ray Hespen.

Moving to the 400 block of St. Joseph Street, Property Meld plans for a two-story building complete with large windows and a roof-top hangout. The idea is to stay competitive with other companies in larger cities and retain local students looking to break into the tech world.

“If we want to say we’re someone competing with the coast, we have to have a lifestyle, a feeling that we can do that,” said Hespen.

But they also want to send a message to the community where the roots were established.

“That’s sending a really powerful message that we started in a 200 sq. ft. building here in Rapid and if we can move to 14,000 sq. ft. in three years, so can others. So it’s really keeping that kind of momentum with job creation,” said Hespen.

They plan to move down to St. Joseph St. in the next year with hopes to hit their goal of 100 employees by 2022.

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