Rapid City students read over 8,000 books

RAPID CITY, S.D. – On Thursday morning Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender joined hundreds of kids to officially proclaim July 25th as “Race to Read” day.

This is the first year that United Way, the library, and Rapid City Area Schools came together to challenge kids to read all summer long. Each time a child completes a book they get to create a link that becomes part of a chain.

On r”Race to Read Day”, they march around Memorial Park together with the chain to share what they all have accomplished.

“There’s a saying that goes a child is learning to read up until 3rd grade and then from that point on they’re reading to learn. Reading is a foundation for any child’s education and it is a vital piece of their educational journey,” said Kayla Klein, the director of the  Black Hills Reads program. 

Together the kids read over 8,000 books. 

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