Rapid City starts rolling out game plan for new arena

Rapid City Mayor Allender, city officials and business partners gathered today for a bi-weekly meeting regarding the new Civic Center arena.

Plans are already being made regarding some of the basic concepts of the massive project.

Important decisions such as building material, concrete mixtures, energy efficiency, and even the overall building concept are still being put together.

Partners in the project are letting the public know, this is going to take some time.

Andrew Scull, president of Scull Construction talked about the process.

 “There’s the important aspect of building such a major arena,” Scull explained, “this is a big deal for rapid city, we need to make sure we do the right things, we do them in the right sequence, in the right order, so proper planning will make this a multi-generational facility, for rapid city citizens to enjoy for years to come."

Part of the plan includes hiring local partners to participate in the project in an effort to boost the local economy while also employing local labor.

“We are extremely excited to be involved in this project,” Scull continued, “it’s just really a great thing for rapid city, this is a sign of great things to come. We’re planning for 40 years, 4 decades of users of this facility, and we’re gunna do it right. We’re gunna go through the right process and right planning, to make sure the right decisions are made."

Planning is expected to be taking place most of this fall and winter, with designs still in flux as budget options are weighed.

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