Rapid City slash-pile burning taking place in Springbrook Acres throughout the week

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City Fire Department will be conducting slash-pile burning in Springbrook Acres on the western slope of Skyline Drive.

Slash-pile burning is part of the Hazardous Fuel Reduction Project that has taken place their the past three years.

RCFD does controlled burns like this to create a fire-resilient landscape within city limits, especially in areas where there is a higher risk of wildfires.

The department uses snow coverage to its advantage and does these burns when the temperatures are low.

Lieutenant Tim Weaver, Rapid City Fire Marshal’s Office, said, “We’re kind of inhibited by weather and snow cover…and so whenever we get snow cover, we want to try and get them done.”

The fire department will conduct the burns tomorrow through Friday. RCPD is also urging people to not call 911 if they see smoke or flames coming from the Springbrook Acres area.

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