Rapid City Rush fans select seats for 2022-23 season

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City Rush held its Select-A-Seat hockey sale Saturday, June 18 to push some offseason ticket sales.

“Basically what it is — it’s just coming down here and getting ready for the season. I know it’s summer time and the heat’s out right now, but it’s also hockey season. We’re slowly getting ready to go again,” Rapid City Rush Head Coach Scott Burt said.

Select-A-Seat gave Rush hockey fans a chance to move around the arena, try out some seats and find where they might want to sit for games before buying either season tickets or different ticket packages available.

4hockeyseatsAlong with tickets, used pro equipment was sold in the concourse of the arena for any hockey players that might have been interested in getting some gear.

Burt was joined by Assistant Coach Jeremy Gates and the Rush staff to help fans buy tickets, and some players were still around as well. The team’s mascot, Nugget, was also there for kids to see.

“With just the energy that’s been in the community really ever since we qualified for the playoffs — because it was first time in seven years that this team has been in the postseason — since then it’s really just kind of been a surge of excitement,” Manager of Media Relations and Broadcasting for the Rapid City Rush Brian Gardner said. “I know that, so far, offseason sales have been a little quicker maybe than expected on the sponsorship side and on the ticket side — starting to pick up as we have an event like this as well. And so our hope is that the community really embraces this team because we’ve got a really good coach. We had a really good team last year. We’re hoping to build on what we did last year.”

Burt said that there’s different energy and feelings when you’re a part of the community and everyone is excited. The team and players want to be a community partner, especially as the next season slowly approaches.

“When I did my season-ending exit interviews with our players, as crazy as it may sound, we had every single player wanting to come back. Which is a good sign and it’s a good deal because the year before, when I took this team over, we didn’t have that core group of guys, and now we have a core group of guys.” Burt said. “So, with that being said, we are building to exceed expectations that we had last year. We had one goal, and that was to make the playoffs. We did that. We won our first round. We got to the second round. But now there’s higher expectations for this team — higher expectations for myself. There’s going to be change over, obviously, and we’ll see what happens. But other than that, it’s we’re going to build off what we we ended on last year.”

2022-23 season tickets are still available to buy. People can also view the regular season schedule, but individual tickets aren’t available yet.

For more information about the Rapid City Rush, you can visit their website here.

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