Rapid City Regional Airport takes steps toward their 20 year Master Plan

As the Rapid City Regional Airport recently finished work on this vertical circulation project, including new escalators and elevators, another plan of action resumes.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The planning stages for the 20 year master plan at the Rapid City Regional Airport began last year and will continue for another six – 12 months before its finished.
After the initial planning phase, which includes identifying what the needs are, the plan will move onto approval by regulatory agencies like the FAA.

Rc Regional Airport
Among the considerations are improvements and additions to the terminal and hangars, as well as runway and gate space needs.
Also taken in to account was the continuing growth of the area and the prosperous tourism industry.

RC Regional Airport

Patrick Dame, the Executive Director of the Rapid City Regional Airport, says, “As we continue to grow the population, as Ellsworth moves into the B-21 and we see development and growth at Ellsworth, we are only going to see the needs of the airport grow based on those factors.”

Dame says they launched the master plan early because they have outgrown the previous plan, ahead of schedule.

RC Regional Airport

Dame adds, “We do think the growth is exciting that is coming to the Black Hills and coming to our airport and our community and again, we just want to make sure that our airport is prepared to be able to work with that growth as much as possible.”

A new parking garage, expanded terminal, and 60-70 room hotel are other items that will be included, along with other recommendations as well.

The Airport would only site a potential hotel option, not building it. They would work with a private party to construct it.

RC Regional Airport

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