Rapid City Regional Airport implements new pay parking system

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RAPID CITY, S.D.  – Rapid City Regional Airport (RAP) announced that they have upgraded the Airport Pay Parking System to Flash Parking.

The new parking system is a fully automated parking system that will allow customers to pay in several different ways; ticket in – credit card out, credit card in – credit card out and customers have the option to pay with a credit card or cash in the airline terminal prior to returning to their cars.

Rapid City Regional Airport Executive Director Patrick Dame said, “It is our goal to make parking easier for our customers. By providing them the options to pay in the airline terminal prior to going to the exit plaza, customers will be able to drive up to the gate and get right out.”

The airport will continue to have an attendant there for assistance during the transition. Under the new system, the exit booth will no longer be staffed after June 20, 2021.

The only option for paying cash is inside the airline terminal. Passengers will need to have the ticket with them when they pay at the pay-on-foot station.

If passengers credit card into the system, they can use the same credit card at the pay-on-foot station and it will recognize their reservation. No ticket will be needed in this case.

Dame said, “We are really asking for our customers to be patient as the system comes fully online. We anticipate the transition from the old system to the new system will have some challenges. We intend to staff the booth for one month after the transition to help in educating our customers.”

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