Rapid City Public Library to no longer charge late fees

Rapid City Public Library

Rapid City Public Library

Rapid City Public Library

RAPID CITY, S.D. – It’s a new year and a lot of clean slates at the Rapid City Public Library.

As of the first of the year, the library is no longer charging late fees.

Once used as a way of making sure people returned their books on time, library staff say over the years the fees became more of a hindrance, leading to what the director calls service blocks.

“Sometimes people will check something out and inadvertently it will become late, and they’ll be assessed over due fines. Sometimes they can’t pay those fines and it might be to a point where they’re no longer able to use their library card,” Library Director Terri Davis explained. “And then they just don’t feel comfortable in coming back or they feel embarrassed their card is blocked. So we want to eliminate those barriers entirely.”

With these fees cleared, Davis hopes to see more people returning to the library once more.

“We hope that the people who just have overdue fines on their cards will be very glad that those fines are now going away and they’ll be relieved they can use their library accounts again,” she adds. “For people who have materials that are long overdue and outstanding, hopefully now that they don’t have fines anymore, they’ll feel free to bring those materials back and then we’ll clear their accounts.”

All cardholders with materials labeled as lost will still be billed for replacement costs.

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