Rapid City pro-Trump store hit with graffiti

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The recently opened pop-up store in Baken Park specializing in pro-Trump merchandise was found to have been vandalized Monday morning.

The Trump Shop, which opened the final week of July in anticipation of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, sits at the corner of Mountain View Road and Canyon Lake Drive. People from all over the country have gone in and out of the store to pick up their favorite Trump or GOP related item, such as buttons, shirts and hats.

Multiple exterior walls of the shop had been crudely spray-painted with symbols including the hammer and sickle associated with the flag of the now-defunct Soviet Union, a heart and an obscene statement. Rapid City Police are currently investigating, but as of this time no charges have been filed or suspects named.

“We’re here to be a positive building, a positive place,” said Ryan Flanagan from the Trump Shop. “I want people to come and really believe in America and be able to talk about our differences and we don’t have any issue with that.”

Flanagan also said that the shop plans on increasing its security. The Rapid City Police Department is investigating the graffiti.

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