Rapid City population estimated to be over 78,000

Using U.S. Census Bureau approved methodology, Rapid City officials estimate that the city's population is now over 78,000.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The population of Rapid City continues to grow.

The 2020 population is now estimated to be over 78,000 people.

At a media availability on Tuesday, city officials announced that the population is estimated at 78,369, which is a rise of 1.53 percent from. That rise is consistent with the city’s growth over the last decade.

Every year, Rapid City’s Community Development Department issues a population estimate that’s based on methodology approved by the U.S. Census Bureau. The criteria used is approved building permits, housing demolitions, the 2010 Census occupancy rate and the 2010 Census persons per household rate.

In late May, city officials say that they should have the official 2020 Census Data.

“Later in the year, we come out with what we call the socioeconomic report and that really dives in deeper into how the population is changing and what type of commercial growth we’re seeing, where we’re seeing the different types of growth,” said Kelly Brennan, a Long Range City Planner with the Rapid City’s Community Development Department. “This one here is just really that base number that we’re looking at.”

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