Rapid City Police Department works to help homeless population find shelter during storm


RAPID CITY, S.D. – With the sudden change in weather this week the Rapid City Police Department has been busy trying to ensure the city’s homeless population is taken care of.

This late season winter storm was particularly dangerous because the conditions and temperature changed so drastically – dropping from a high of 59 degrees on Tuesday to 26 degrees on Wednesday.


The Rapid City Police Department has been working to help people find a place to go and shelter from the severe weather.

On Wednesday the department posted a video documenting the work they put in to ensure vulnerable individuals don’t find themselves exposed.


“The vast majority of people reading this post likely have a safe and secure place to ride out this winter weather for the evening,” the department wrote on its Facebook page. “That doesn’t change the fact that there are those in our community who may not have a definite location where they’ll be sheltering. As long as that is the case, the RCPD will remain committed to proactively patrolling our community in order to make contact with this vulnerable population to ensure they find a safe and warm place to be during the adverse weather conditions.”

The department says there are a variety of resources to help them in their efforts, including the Pennington County Care Campus.

If you encounter someone who looks like they’re struggling to find shelter, the RCPD says to call 394-4131 and they will check up on them.


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