Rapid City Police Department seeking grant to aid in community outreach

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The city’s Legal and Finance Committee Wednesday gave approval for the Rapid City Police Department to apply for a grant to aid in community outreach.

The Rapid City Police Department is seeking around $135,000 to support the quality of life unit. Funds from the grant would cover two existing support staff positions within the unit as well as fund victims services research.

“Traditionally we’ve found that the jail is ineffective at treating underlying root causes and our quality of life unit is geared towards finding people that need help that need treatment and getting them connected with that treatment.” said Don Hedrick, Assistant Police Chief of Rapid City.

The unit currently works with local organizations such as the Hope Center and Care Campus, and has already seen positive results.

“Because we’ve been able to see some success stories, folks that officers have been on the streets dealing with day in and day out, we’ve now been able to get some of those folks help, getting them connected with resources, getting them off the streets and working towards the goals they want to work through in life.” said Hedrick.

The ultimate concept is to have many service providers in one place, taking out the multiple stops which could hinder a person from moving forward.

The department grant will move on to city council for final approval.

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