Rapid City Police Department releases crime statistics

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The Rapid City Police Department recently conducted a statistical analysis of crime rates over the last three years and released the results on Friday.

The study found that violent crimes including aggravated assault, robbery, and sexual assault which peaked in 2021, are on the decline.

Unfortunately, there has been a rise in preventable crimes such as vehicle theft and theft from vehicles.  The increased number of stolen firearms from unsecured vehicles over the last two years is of particular concern for the Police Department.

“Anytime we’ve had an increase in stolen firearms, especially in 2020 or 2021, almost half of our firearms that were stolen in those two years were stolen from vehicles,” said Captain Andy Becker of the Rapid City Police Department. “The number of firearms in Rapid City over the last couple of years is very alarming. It’s very concerning. Obviously, there’s a potential for those firearms to be used in criminal activity. And a lot of times when we do locate these stolen firearms, it is usually in the process of another crime occurring here in Rapid City. So that’s why we just ask the public’s help to make sure these firearms are secure and not able to be involved in another crime here in Rapid City,”

“So what we’re doing is we are asking citizens to obviously not leave valuables in their vehicles especially firearms, locking your vehicle doors, locking your home doors, making it preventable or harder to access those and to be a victim of a crime,” he said.

Captain Becker said that this is happening throughout the city and no specific area has been targeted.

The analysis also found that officers’ proactive traffic enforcement has increased in the last year resulting in a 96% increase in traffic stops which the department attributes to an 11% reduction in vehicle crashes. The department states that traffic enforcement is the most frequent request they receive from Rapid City citizens.

“We also do have organizations such as Journey On that is able to go out and help assist with some other calls for service that normally our police officers would respond to but with Journey On and then other folks helping out with those that does free up officers to be able to do that proactive hopefully prevent crime from happening,” said Captain Becker.

Journey On provides street outreach services to the cities homeless population and those at-risk of becoming homeless. In July 2020, the Street Team Outreach Program was launched. It identifies and reaches out to people who might not otherwise seek assistance or come to the attention of the homelessness service system and ensures that their basic needs are met while supporting them along pathways toward housing stability.

Rcpd 2022 Crime Statistics

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