Rapid City Police Department preparing for higher calls for service as temperatures rise

During the warmer temperatures, the Rapid City Police Department is preparing for a higher call for service as the temperatures in the area rise.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — As you’re more out and about, you might some a panhandler or two, especially with the higher temperatures.

The Rapid City Police Department is reminding the public that it’s not a crime to ask for money on public property.

If an owner of a private property asks a panhandler to leave and they don’t, the police can be called in and issue a failure to vacate.

RCPD says everyone is better off if they donate the money to organizations that help the homeless instead of giving it to them directly as their experience has shown that the money usually goes towards an addiction and other substance abuse problems.

“Our biggest recommendation is that it’s better to donate to the plethora of human service organizations here in Rapid City that are actually working to help get people out of the cycles of homelessness,” said Brendyn Medina, the Community Relations Specialist with the Rapid City Police Department.

In some of those situations, Medina says that sometimes the best way to resolve the situations is to bring the person in need to the Care Campus.

Police also say that with the rise in temperatures, more people are getting out and interacting with each other. This can lead to an increase in call volumes.

“Typically when we see warm weather, it increases the number of calls for service that we’re dealing with, it increases the number of people out and about and the number of people out there interacting with other people and so, you know, it’s just the sheer numbers game and we’re gunna see more calls for service,” Medina said. 

Medina says if see any suspicious behavior, call RCPD at 605-394-4131 if the issue threatens public safety.

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