Rapid City Parks tuck in roses for winter

Leaves 2RAPID CITY, S.D.– Rapid City Parks crews spending the day Monday tucking in rose beds for their winter slumber. Leaves collected from city parks are used as winter blankets for the rose beds between Memorial Park and Haley Park. The crews tuck the leaves in between and all around the plants. Rapid City Greenhouse Specialist John Berglund says this helps insulate the roses, keeping their temperature constant through the winter.






Photos of flower bed winter preparation

Berglund says crews usually do this work in October, but this year, mother nature had other plans. Berglund says, “Usually try to get it done in October. We had a little bit of what I would call a late leaf drop. We got the leaves collected and then we got that nice cold snap there at the beginning of November. That really slowed it down. And then we’re just getting to it right now.”

Berglund says that anyone who is growing tea roses themselves should consider doing the same thing for healthier flowers in the spring.

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