Rapid City park restrooms closing with the changing seasons

RAPID CITY, S.D.– In order to keep facilities safe through the winter weather the Rapid City Parks Department is closing many on-site restrooms by Friday, September 30. Facilities in Sioux Park are scheduled to remain open through October 17.

The decision to drastically reduce the number of locations stems from reasons not only maintenance-related but also for the reduced work staff.

Sioux Park Restroom Building“Our cleaning contract only goes through the end of September,” Rapid City Parks Division Manager Scott Anderson said. “Our guys, you know, we we can’t fill in with our parks guys, too, on the weekends, which we do. But to have all 20 or 25 facilities open and have our guys do it, it’s almost impossible. So when we whittle it down to just a few, it’s it’s a lot more manageable then for our guys too, to be out there cleaning too.”

Only two facilities will be open through the winter: the Founders Park and Canyon Lake Park – West facilities. Both of these locations will be heated.


Additionally, six locations around the city will also have portable restrooms for the public that will be in-use:

  • Braeburn
  • Jackson Disc Golf
  • West Fulton Trailhead at Skyline
  • Robbinsdale Walking Track
  • LaCroix Disc Golf.
  • Canyon Lake Park, which in addition to the heated restroom facility also has a location for one of the six portable facilities. This can be found at the Canyon Lake Shelter #3


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