Rapid City organizations meet to discuss affordable housing issue

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Members of the Rapid City Common Council and community organizations met Friday to discuss the issue of affordable housing.

The working session was organized by Council President Laura Armstrong — and Liz Hamburg, the Executive Director of the Black Hills Area Community Foundation. It was designed to bring all stakeholders on the subject of affordable housing to the same table.

Armstrong says the focus is not entirely on home ownership.

“Yes, ultimately we’d like people to have that option of having their own homes,” said Armstrong. “But maybe just keeping them in their homes or finding just a stable place for them to live. So we will be talking about property management, eviction mitigation.”

The Black Hills Area Community Foundation has affordable housing on its radar as part of its community impact initiative.

Liz hamburg hopes recent funding will lead to more work on the issue.

“We received some funding from the Bush Foundation and the Wells Fargo Foundation and also the John T. Vucurivich Foundation,” said Hamburg. “So we have funds to work with for the first time to really try and create public, private and philanthropic relationships.”

Nine members of the Common Council participated in this session — with speakers from organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Black Hills Homelessness, among others.

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