Rapid City officials helping beautify the city ahead of Earth Day

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Earth Day is Friday, but Rapid City has been getting a head-start on activities with it’s Clean-Up Week.

Pres Lehmann And Alderman Weifenbach Moving To Another LocationBags in hand, along with some handy tools for extended reach, Rapid city council members were out helping clean a stretch of Mt. Rushmore Road Thursday.

City Council President Lance Lehmann and Alderman Ron Weifenbach, along with colleagues Laura Armstrong and Pat Jones, trekked up and down a stretch of the road between Omaha and South street for part of their morning.

Cigarette butts were among the most common items they picked up during the day’s clean-up event. And for President Lehmann, a Rapid City native, it’s about taking care of where he calls home.

“Impressively disappointing, maybe is the right word to use. It’s really disappointing to see how much garbage is flying Rapid City,” Lehmann said. “This is my hometown, where I was born and raised. And I want it to remain as beautiful as possible.”

Among the cigarette butts, coffee cups, pieces of plastic, and even an air filter were picked up. Alderman Weifenbach sees the experience as giving them a different view of the city while pounding the pavement.

“You see the trash, you see the cracks in the road, you see the cracks in the sidewalk,” Weifenbach said. “You see the infrastructure things, and you see how people that are walking on the streets perceive it.”

Clean-up week continues through the weekend, ending with Saturday’s annual community clean-up day when all residents can participate.

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