Rapid City moving forward with $2.2M renovation of city hall

8/1/19 UPDATE:

According to a new cost estimate issued by the city on Thursday, the estimated cost of the project is just over $4.4 million. A rundown of the estimated costs can be found here.


RAPID CITY S.D. — Now that the Rapid City Area Schools have moved out of City Hall and into the old Black Hills Energy building, city staff has more room to grow.

Rapid City staff is now expanding to the third floor where RCAS used to be. Before they can move in, the city says the space needs renovation. The Rapid City Public Works Committee on Tuesday voted to advertise for bids from contractors on the $2.2 million plan to modernize the offices.

“It’s time to do some renovations,” said Dale Tech, the city’s public works director. “The building was built in the last 1980’s and most of it has been untouched since its original construction.”

The makeover will include new carpets, electric lines and plumbing. The project also calls for blowing out a few walls and installing new lighting. Right now, some staff members are crammed into small offices on the second floor. The expansion will give them breathing room, and will help re-locate other services back to city hall.

The work is slated to begin in the fall.

“The timing of the project works well, it will be indoor winter work so, that will attract a lot of contractors,” said Tech. “So we anticipate there will be some good bids.”

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