Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender hosts tour of City Hall renovations, Monday

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Over the summer, Rapid City Area Schools administration moved out of City Hall’s building and into their own. All of the extra space is currently being renovated. Part of the construction includes Mayor Steve Allender’s office, along with the city attorneys’ and human resource offices.

“We’re out of space and its inefficient and makes us less effective,” said Allender. “So, I’m glad to see it being done but this is, in fact, a typical project where we make do over and over, decade after decade until, now, some massive change has to be made.”

Allender also says that the population is growing, and with it, the government employees serving it. The extra space will be better suited to the number of employees while also ensuring that everything is convenient and easier for guests to find.

The project is separated into several phases with the current phase taking place on the third and first floors. In total, the cost of the renovations is over $4 million.


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