Rapid City Mayor speaks on Mount Rushmore fireworks

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The spread of COVID-19 is on the mind of Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender as the holiday weekend approaches.

During his weekly COVID-19 briefing, the mayor discussed the current numbers, saying as the number of cases rises we’re also seeing a drop in active cases locally.

Allender says he’s all for people wearing masks, to help prevent transmission of the virus.

“I think the jury is in on what we should be doing. I think it makes good sense for us to be wearing masks when going into public places, especially indoor places and especially places where we cannot control the distance between us and other people.” said Allender.

The mayor also emphasized individual responsibility during the holidays, especially at Mount Rushmore where there will be no social distancing.

“Someone who’s been waiting in line to see a president if not this president and also getting to see fireworks at Mount Rushmore is probably not likely to disqualify themselves because they developed a cough the day of or day before. So I think that yeah, it’s obviously an apparent health risk.” said Allender.

Allender says we won’t know the true impact from holiday events for at least two weeks.

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