Rapid City mayor speaks on difficulties of implementing city wide mask policy

RAPID CITY, S.D. — We are seeing more retailers adopt policy regarding mandatory masks use, but Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender doesn’t expect city government to make any such policies.

Although the city has put in place guidelines such as extensive cleaning of city property and required masks for Rapid Ride drivers, there has been no policy on mask use in regards to customers of city services.

The mayor saying from the beginning that such a policy would be hard for city government to enforce.

“We are arriving at some new general thought process on how to go though our days and that’s not a pretty or sterile process.” said Allender.

The mayor doesn’t see any mandate coming from the city in the future, saying those mandates are already coming from the proper places.

“Personal responsibility, government intervention all of those things are fine but when the marketplace starts telling you how it’s acceptable to enter their business that’s when people really learn and comply.” said Allender.

Mayor Allender went on to remind the public the use of masks  is designed to limit spread of the virus and does little to prevent catching it.

However, he does not think it’s helpful to call each other out for wearing or not wearing a mask.

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