Rapid City Marshals to be under new ownership

RAPID CITY, S.D.– The new arena football team, the Rapid City Marshals, have reportedly been sold.

Marshals 6Wes Johnson, the Chief Operating Officer of the Wyoming Mustangs, announced on social media that he and his sister Rebecca have bought the Marshals. The team’s original owner Tel Koan confirmed the sale.

The announcement comes just over halfway through the Marshals’ inaugural season.

Executive Director of The Monument Craig Baltzer says he’s aware of the news but has yet to see any details.

“There is discussion, there’s even some documents in place, but this is by all means not a done deal,” Baltzer said. “The venue, The Monument would need to be pulled in for these discussions– which is absolutely true. And that this is not solid in stone yet.”

The new owners have yet to strike a deal with The Monument. Baltzer says there are a lot of details in The Monument’s contracts for any show or sporting event.

“We want to make sure that what we need and what we’re looking for to get out of a contract matches what they are willing to do,” he said. “And what we are able to give them is what they are expecting out of us.”

Baltzer says he will be meeting with the team for further discussions after the season.

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