Rapid City man involved in re-burying of murder victim sentenced to probation

RAPID CITY, S.D. — A little after four years since the body of Jessica Rehfeld was discovered one of the men charged with accessory to her murder heard his fate in open court.

Michael Frye, a 29-year-old man from Rapid City, plead guilty to accessory to first degree murder in December of 2016. Frye was charged with exhuming the body of Rehfeld in a location near Rockerville in an effort to better hide her remains.

In court, the state attributed Frye’s honesty and cooperation in being instrumental toward the prosecution of the other parties involved in the murder and asked the judge for leniency when imposing sentence.

Appearing before the honorable Robert Mandel, Michael Frye was sentence to five years and received a suspended execution of sentence, putting Frye on probation during the term provided all laws are obeyed. If probation is violated he could face the full time in prison.

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