Rapid City Kennel Club’s Confirmation Dog Show kicks off the weekend with annual Puppy Show

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Monument has gone to the dogs for the weekend.

Over the next three days, the venue is hosting the Rapid City Kennel Club’s Confirmation Dog Show.

Things kicked off Friday with the annual Puppy Show.

The three day event is set to draw in hundreds of canines and their handlers from around the region.

From the biggest pooch to the smallest, the Kennel Club judges rank each dog for their particular breed.

Owners and handlers prepare on the side lines by combing and cleaning their pups in an attempt to take home a title.

According to Judi Bendt with the Rapid City Kennel Club, the show is not only a lot of fun for the owners, but the dogs as well.

“A lot of dogs love it, you know? Occasionally you’ll have a dog just like a kid that’s like, ‘Nah I don’t care for this,'” Bendt said. “But for the most part they love. I think about when I showed may dogs and I thought I’ve got them on the table, I’m brushing him and giving him a massage, you know nobody did that for me.”

The Kennel Club show has been taking place in Rapid City for over 50 years.

The show continues at The Monument through Sunday.

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