Rapid City is set to finish major construction projects before Winter

RAPID CITY, S.D. — It is said that South Dakota has two seasons in the year, Winter and construction.

Two of the main construction projects in Rapid City are the ones located on Omaha Street and on 5th Street.

The construction project on Omaha Street is mainly a state Department of Transportation project, but the city is replacing the water main located under the road.

“Basically the project is scheduled to be completed a lot of the infrastructure on the city side by November 21,” said Darrell Shoemaker the Communications Coordinator in Rapid City.

The other major construction project set to be complete before winter is the project located on 5th Street. It will start at the intersection of Saint Patrick Street and going down to the intersection of Cathedral Drive.

Darrell also said, “This week we are flipping that as the work being done in one set of lanes, so basically we’re talking about head to head traffic.”

That project is set to be complete by October 1.

Another small joint repair project is set to start September 28 on Sheridan Lake Road by the Arrowhead Country Club.

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