Rapid City is looking for solutions for the homeless problem in the community

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City officials claim there is a sudden and rapid influx of homeless persons coming from reservations and camping out in the central part of town and by the creeks, and not seeking help or shelter inside of the care campus or at one of the two missions in town.

Mayor Steve Allender says he wants to focus on the homeless individuals who are from Rapid City and have others seek help in their own community.

Mayor Allender said, “Through an arrangement, I think we will just use our imagination and partner with public and private facilities and get buses and take them back. I think that will be very simple when it comes down to it.”

Allender believes it’s time for the Tribal Governments to step in and help find a solution.

“I believe it is time for the Tribal Government to weigh in to this discussion, we’ve had lots of conversations with tribal members, groups from the local reservations. But we have not had a meaningful dialog with the Tribal Government, and we would enjoy and look forward to working in partnership with the tribes on solutions that don’t further enable the homeless.”

The Cornerstone Rescue Mission provides shelter for the homeless who are trying to stay sober and just need a little help getting on their feet. Although the mission does have a cap of how many it can house at any one time.

Lysa Allison, the Director of the Cornerstone Rescue Mission, said, “When we have a blizzard here or the heatwave or when we get the frigid South Dakota winter temperatures, we are gonna take them and we’re gonna put them in the hallways, we’ll put them in the lobbies we will put them anywhere that we can and I know Care Campus does the same thing.”

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