Rapid City introduces way to monitor air quality in the state

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City is offering residents a new option to monitor air quality conditions across the state.

The city’s homepage now has a link to AirNow, which is provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. This site shows the current Air Quality Index as well as the forecasted index to help people prepare for the day ahead.

Air Quality Index available on Rapid City WebsiteAir Quality Specialist with the City of Rapid City Michelle Tech explained the features of the website.   

“It gives them an idea of what they should be doing that day, if they should be outside running, maybe they should scale it back and not run, maybe workout indoors, or if they’re particularly sensitive whether they should even be out in the current air quality or not,” she says. 

The Air Quality Index displays a scale from 0 to 500 and are also associated with colors ranging from green to maroon. Green indicates good conditions while maroon indicates hazardous conditions.

Wind alerts from the National Weather Service are also integrated on the site, since certain weather conditions greatly affect pollutants.

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